Garage Door Repair. We’re here to help.

Like most things, garage doors require maintenance and repair. Brad’s Overhead Doors has decades of experience to troubleshoot and fix whatever problems you may have. You can schedule a visit by calling us at 1-800-570-3667. In the event we are not open or you cannot contact us here are some tips for some common situations:

  • If your opener is not working and you need to open the garage door immediately there is usually a short rope with handle hanging along the opener track near the door that will disengage it from the track. This will allow you to open your door by hand until the opener can be repaired.
  • If you suffer from a broken spring the above method could stil work, but the door will likely be too heavy to lift until the spring is replaced, and will pose a danger as well. In this case we recommend you don’t use the door until the spring can be fixed.

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